Saturday, March 3, 2012

Initial sketch of my tower.

Floor texture map

How my tower came out.

A rough in 3D, I'm working on the textures for this.

The noble Jasper McDoggie. If this photo looks good, it's through no fault of my own, I fully lay the blame on Retro Cam on my Android phone.

Edible Gestalt

This is a 'marginally' decent sketch. /pun-mode

One of my first jobs straight out of Ex'pression was with Blicks Art Supply, where I worked with a bunch of other starving alumni. Best thing? Great employee discount, so I got to make paintings like the one on my artpad here using really high quality acrylics I probably wouldn't have gotten otherwise. ...but now that I've used Golden, (the brand) there really is just no going back to the cheap stuff. My poor wallet.

A rough for a 'design a nasty weapon' contest that Game Artisans was running. I have the 3D model somewhere, I'll post it later. :D

I drew this a little sideways with my head leaning on my arm in Starbucks while living in Emeryville (E-vil FTW!), so it's a little distorted.

I don't really like the eyes that I drew here, they're poorly rendered and are actually 'symbols', rather than actual eyes. It's a technique I really need to refine. But hey, it ended up on the wall in my college figure drawing class, so I guess that's something!

I was playing with one of the school's loaner Wacom pads, really need to either get mine fixed, or just replace it with a Bamboo Fun.

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